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Window Film in Your Company
Commercial window film is a thin material created from polyester. It comes in a few layers that help business owners save on energy by fitting on existing windows.

We’re a creative graphic design studio with an experienced team that provides high-quality window film Australia. Our technicians can advise and guide you through the processes of designing, building, and installing the window films.

We’ll take your needs and budget into consideration and deliver the best results.

  • 3D Lettering
  • LED lit signage
  • Reception Signage
  • Wall Graphics
  • Wayfinding Solutions
  • Glass Frosting Film
  • A-Boards

We’re the Best for You in So Many Ways

Make your office inspiring: Our custom window film comes in awesome designs that create a beautiful view to engage and help attract more customers.

Raise your office profile by creating a classy, bold, elegant display for workers and clients in your workspace.

Our designs at Informe create unique illuminated signs. They help your company stand out among others, giving it a good sound and look.

Ready to inspire your office.

We Offer a Unique Blend of Quality and Professionalism

We’ll work with the vision in your head and turn it into reality.

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Unbeatable Experience


We have years of experience in this field. During these years, we’ve grown a team of qualified professionals who’ve handled multiple projects from idea conception, designing, manufacturing, and installation until the projects are complete.

So, relax! You’ve got the best hands on your project.

Techniques You Can Trust


Our able team uses modern manufacturing techniques to develop quality products that will not fade, wear, and tear in a few months.

So, for professional commercial window films services, look no more. Informe has the best quality and experienced team in manufacturing and installation.

Always on Time


We’re respectful of your time. So, we only work at whatever time works best for you. We also make sure that we do the job quickly and effectively.

Our team at window film Australia works hand in hand with your company. We make sure that the final project impresses you.

How Much Do You Owe Us for Exceptional Projects?

At Informe, we do not only work for our organization’s benefits. We have the best interests of our clients in mind. Our manufacturing and installation services are budget-friendly.

Are you ready to film your work area at a reasonable fee?


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How expensive is it?


It’s not expensive to install window films with us. We serve our clients based on their budgets.

How can a good commercial window film benefit my company?


Commercial window films benefit your company in several important ways. In an office, it gives more light for your staff to work efficiently. It also makes the office look brighter and more appealing to customers.

Can you provide design and installation services?

Yes, we can. Our able team provides elegant services from designing to manufacturing and installation. We make sure that every client gets a complete result, no matter what their specific requirements are.

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