Custom Printed Wall Graphics Design & Installation

Own your wall with our quality wall graphics!

A strong brand identity is one of the greatest assets that any organisation can ever have. Your symbols should always be displayed, allowing customers and visitors to familiarise themselves and engage with them. Your office wall stickers are one of the best platforms to utilise.

Do you have blank walls? With our office wall graphics, you can transform your walls into an eye-catching display of your brand. These graphics are cost-effective and practical.

  • 3D Lettering
  • LED lit signage
  • Reception Signage
  • Wall Graphics
  • Wayfinding Solutions
  • Glass Frosting Film
  • A-Boards

Choose Your Content and Material


Every brand is unique, so you choose every detail of what your wall stickers will look like.

Our graphics designers can create a unique display for your wall. If you already have the artwork you want to display, all you have to do is send it to us. We want you to achieve your desired look, so we will always confirm every detail before final printing.

You also have a choice in the materials used for the graphics. You can select matte fabrics in one clear block out or individual letters. Not only that, but you can also get wall graphics vinyl in cut-to-shape or kiss cut. We also provide premium vinyl for outdoor use and over laminates to protect your wall sticker from abrasions and UV rays.

Work with Reliable Designers


With Informe, you are never just relating with a computer.

Our graphics designers are experts in branding and have been in the business for years. These in-house professionals will help you turn your own design ideas into brilliant print-ready artwork.

Count on us from start to finish!

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Fit Your Space


Are you worried about the size of your walls?

Whether you have a really wide wall or trying to do something meaningful with a small space, we have ideas that will work for you. You only have to send us the dimensions of your walls, and we will create graphics that will look good on that smooth surface.

We give you the actual definition of custom wall graphics!

Delivered on Time


At Informe, we understand the importance of time.

We do all our printing in-house with the highest quality materials, so we can always deliver to our clients at the stipulated time. All you have to do is place your order, and we will tell you exactly when you can expect your wall graphics delivered.

Never worry about late deliveries with us!


Install with Ease


Proper installation can make a difference in how your wall graphics look.

At Informe, we offer installation services for your custom wall decals. Our expert technical team will help you display the design for optimal results in the shortest possible time.

But you can also choose to do it yourself with our peel-and-stick application tape and backing paper. If you require guidance on installing removable wall stickers or the materials to use, our professionals will gladly help you. We aim to make you look good!


Wall Graphics Made Simple


With Informe, you can get your wall graphics anywhere in Australia. Our process is easy. You are guaranteed high-quality graphics on every order. We are a team of creative experts that will work hard to make your designs come to life.

Order your wall graphics today!