Decorative Privacy Film Design & Installation

Do you want to create some sense of privacy in your home or business? Decorative window film can help you achieve that!

Window film can help you do more than secure your privacy, though. With the right kind of decorative window films, you can show your artistic side. Your window privacy film can get truly interesting with us!

  • 3D Lettering
  • LED lit signage
  • Reception Signage
  • Wall Graphics
  • Wayfinding Solutions
  • Glass Frosting Film
  • A-Boards

Exquisite Original Artwork

We create custom window film for all our clients. You can use any of the original art designs in our collection. The decorative film will give you a change from just having frosted glass protecting your privacy.
Our artworks can work in almost any space. It depends on what you need. You can choose from a range of different styles that work best for your office or home.

Custom Designs Just for You

If you have a particular kind of art or logo you want to promote, we can make it into decorative films. You only have to ensure that the design is of high quality. With high-quality designs, the decorative film will look great on glass.
It doesn’t matter the shapes or dimensions you want for your window film. We will work with you to create some spectacular for your glass windows and walls.

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High-Quality Prints


Whether you do an office privacy film or something fun to give your flat glass at home a different look, our window film is sure to last you a long time. You don’t have to worry about your decorative window film looking old after a few months.

Removable Window Films


We also make our decorative window film removable. You can change your custom window film to suit the services you’re offering at different times. Your windows don’t need to always have the same patterns.

Soft Colors or Strong Tones


Our custom window privacy film can be done in different colours and tones. You might prefer a soft colour and tone in an office space where you need privacy but still want the light to filter in well.
Darker colours and stronger tones might obscure the light. Though, it also provides more privacy. You might love these darker patterns in your home.

UV Rays Protected Windows


We design our decorative films to protect you from UV rays. The window film helps you keep out the sun from your office or house. You get this protection without any extra cost on your custom privacy film.

Experience You Can’t Beat

We have been in the business of printing privacy films for years now. We have probably printed several window films in your community that you loved.
It doesn’t matter the kind of surface you want. Whether a perspex surface or a frosted glass look, we have printed it before and can help you get the look you want.

Stay Private, Look Distinguished

Our decorative privacy film will make your office or room a private oasis for you while the art attracts the eye of passerbys. Your friends will also give you compliments on the beautiful style of your glass windows. Don’t hesitate to contact us for your window films at any time!